Biogas is one solution of waste problem, as we know that waste of animal is potential to contaminate land and water, if could not be solved it may risk human’s life. Stench, germ-nest, pollute-water, and many bad things could be happened. Waste of animal is also contains methane that knows as a greenhouses gases, and greenhouses gases has potential to raise temperature. But with processing it would reduce the amount of methane and produce energy. Biogas can be used as fuel for evoke electricity and fuel for stove. Biogas is functioning not only to reduce greenhouses gases but also to supply source of energy for human’s life.

Biogas is flammable gas which produced by fermentation of anaerobic bacteria, in general, all of organic materials can be processed into biogas, however only those homogeneous materials like animal’s feces and urine which suitable for simply biogas processing.

Many villages in Indonesia have utilize biogas as source of energy for its village, it can reduce dependence of electricity provided by government. Two of those villages are haurngombong at west java and Jatisarono at Yogyakarta. They called themselves as be autonomous village. Under guidance of several universities, development to this program needs to be enhanced. This activity should be followed by other villages in Indonesia in order to reduce dependence to fossil fuels and introduce renewable energy as well.