It seems the street in Jakarta is not intended for hiker, uneven pavement, fully of street vendors, no trees, no roof covers make walk activity become unpleasant thing. In clutter situation in Jakarta city, bad traffic which makes time of trip longer than it should, maybe activities like walking or biking can be alternate ways to go to somewhere. Walking culture in Indonesia is classified low, it can be showed by high using of vehicle including two wheels vehicle and four wheels vehicle. But if we pulled the situation further back, we could find that the laziness Indonesian to walking is caused by unsupported facilities, it assumed if the pavement is comfort, people would willing to walk.

Pavement in Jakarta is already built, but in fact, they not functionally as sidewalk, pavement is fully used by street vendors and no space for hiker, sometimes hiker must take a walk in car lane to walk. Walking in car line is full of risks, hikers can be hit by car or motorcycle. Maybe this is the reason why people unwilling to walk especially in pavement.

Furthermore, other things that make people dislike walking on pavement are motorcycle that often using pavement as alternate lane to avoid stuck traffic because of highly number of cars which passed in street.  Sometimes they run their motorcycle in high-speed on pavement so that it may cause risk for people who walk on that pavement. As they afraid of hit by motorcycle, hiker is forced to walk at edge of pavement so that they still far away from motorcycle.

Actually, walking culture in Indonesia could be familiarized if facilities and infrastructures of sidewalk are adequate.  We can build clean and comfortable sidewalk lane, clear from street vendors, covered by trees or canopy so we can inhale fresh air without worried about pollution from car exhausted gas.

However, no one could fix this thing, pavement is part of town’s infrastructure, everyone has right to use it, unless government as policy maker who has right and authority to control comfort and neatness of town give their concern about this thing, the situation of street is never change, but if we all have same perception and purpose to make street as comfort as we thought, we can make it happen.

Now, I am here to invite you, together we can change this thing, all we need is awareness to make this town comfort to lived, do not dream to change the world, change yourself and the world follows. Starts it from tiny thing, starts it from yourselves.