In today’s busy world, people prefer to save their time than save their healthiness, recent media reported that quality and nutritional value of people’s food are become low, as proverb said that time is money, people would use their time as efficient as they could, so everything would be measure by second, this understanding has made people like instant thing, so that they can save their time and use it for another activities. Related to health issue, people has created many instant foods that not care about nutrition. Unfortunately, in order to save time, people love this instant food. Following the law of supply and demand, driven by high commercial and advertising aiming for those busy people, instant foods are become more popular.

Consumer good association, the organization that look after costumer’s satisfaction, are only care about service satisfaction which means they only watch over the delivery of product from the manufactory into hand of customer, essential values of customer satisfaction are not only in packaging product but also including the content of the product, they should also care about quality and nutritional value, and considering it as the list of must check before the product release to the market.

Not to mention or blaming one organization or manufacture, the issue itself was created by people’s lifestyle nowadays, the facts that can be seen, people buy ready prepared food because it fits into the busy life that they have chosen to live, where extra foreign holiday or new car has become more important than the health and welfare of the family, this desire for the trapping of modern life also has changed shopping habits, many families would prefer to buy up to date computer than to buy nutritional and healthy organic food.

In the past, people ate low quality food because they were poor, but now, people eat low quality food because it easy to buy, save time is the main point that people consider nowadays.

The old man said, people do not know what they got until it is gone, people would not treasure their healthiness until they got sickness, we people should learn from this advice, people ignore their healthiness for earn money when they are young, but when they got old, they spend all of the money they got to buy healthiness they not aware at youth.

To sum up, in this modern world where lifestyle controls human’s culture, it is on us to chose what life we want to live, whether the result is good or bad, all the risks must be taken, all we people can do is, chose it wisely