Private cars are now become particular problems especially in big cities. Basically car was made to ease human’s travel mainly for long distance travel, and by now, car is the most advance vehicle in land transportation.

But along with the times, car has lost its essential value, having car has become measurement of social life class, although it still function as transportation. People tend to buy the finest car they capable to buy for their lifestyle, and sometimes that thing is redundant, many rich people have car more than they really need.

In big cities, car has become a never solved problem, there are two main reasons that private car is still important, the first is poor public transportation, and the second is for business. In many towns, public transportation does not serve people all day, they stop before midnight while people are busy twenty four hours a day, so these busy people still need transportation to travel them to their destination, that is why people need to buy a private car.

Second, is in business sector, high demand of private car means industry of this sector still has advantages, the industry absorbs many workers so that it will give job opportunities, it also contribute in giving income for the country as well as develop the country itself.

This issue becomes more complicated since the definition of necessity of transportation has change, need of private car backgrounded by pride or false comfort, so people use their ego and use the thing inefficiently, this is the reason why private car become controversial issue.

Actually, private car can be changed with motorcycle which is more efficient than using car, by using motorcycle people can save lot of fuel, does not need large space in street, and saving time for operating the vehicle, but if the necessities come from ego, it will make no change.

Overall, although cars can cause many problem, to stop using car is not a solution, in modern life it is impossible to live without car, it all depend on human minds, we can decide to use car wisely, if we can see the transportation essentially, the problem in the road would solved by itself.