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Saya adalah pengguna setia transportasi public, terlebih semenjak saya pindah ke Jakarta. Menggunakan transportasi public telah menjadi pilihan buat saya, diantara banyak pilihan untuk memiliki kendaraan pribadi walaupun sekedar motor, saya tetap tidak memilih menggunakan transportasi public. Mungkin karena saya masih punya sedikit idealisme save the earth by not contributing ruining it even in small act. Buat saya dengan menggunakan transportasi publik saya tidak ikut menambah list satu kendaraan pribadi yang mungkin memberikan kontribusi merusak bumi, mulai dari gas pembuangan kendaraan, ikut mengkonsumsi minyak bumi yang tidak dapat diperbaharui, dan lain lain, dan sebagainya.

Saya senang di Jakarta ada transportasi public yang menurut saya patut diacungi jempol, transportasi public tersebut adalah transjakarta atau kerap kali juga disebut busway oleh orang-orang. Busway ini adalah alat transortasi yang cukup ideal untuk memutari Jakarta, menurut saya busway ini memiliki banyak kelebihan dibanding transportasi public lainnya seperti bus, angkot, atau bus kota. Pertama busway ini mempunyai jalur sendiri, seharusnya dengan menggunakan jalur sendiri busway dapat berjalan lancar tanpa macet sehingga dapat sampai di tujuan lebih cepat. Yang kedua adalah busway tidak berhenti sembarangan, ia hanya berhenti di halte halte yang sudah ditentukan, artinya, polanya sudah cukup tertib, dengan tidak berhenti sembarangan, maka tidak akan menimbulkan kemacetan karena penumpukan kendaraan akibat jalur yang padat tiba-tiba menjadi tidak lancar karena ada mobil yang melambat atau berhenti. Yang ketiga adalah, dari segi kenyamanan, busway dapat dinilai cukup nyaman, karena busnya sendiri sudah menggunakan Air Conditioner, sehingga penumpang tidak kepanasan, satu hal yang menurut saya positif lainnya adalah, di buswah tidak diperbolehkan adanya pedagang asongan atau pengamen, sehingga tidak mengganggu kenyamanan para penumpangnya. (more…)


In today’s busy world, people prefer to save their time than save their healthiness, recent media reported that quality and nutritional value of people’s food are become low, as proverb said that time is money, people would use their time as efficient as they could, so everything would be measure by second, this understanding has made people like instant thing, so that they can save their time and use it for another activities. Related to health issue, people has created many instant foods that not care about nutrition. Unfortunately, in order to save time, people love this instant food. Following the law of supply and demand, driven by high commercial and advertising aiming for those busy people, instant foods are become more popular.

Consumer good association, the organization that look after costumer’s satisfaction, are only care about service satisfaction which means they only watch over the delivery of product from the manufactory into hand of customer, essential values of customer satisfaction are not only in packaging product but also including the content of the product, they should also care about quality and nutritional value, and considering it as the list of must check before the product release to the market.

Not to mention or blaming one organization or manufacture, the issue itself was created by people’s lifestyle nowadays, the facts that can be seen, people buy ready prepared food because it fits into the busy life that they have chosen to live, where extra foreign holiday or new car has become more important than the health and welfare of the family, this desire for the trapping of modern life also has changed shopping habits, many families would prefer to buy up to date computer than to buy nutritional and healthy organic food.

In the past, people ate low quality food because they were poor, but now, people eat low quality food because it easy to buy, save time is the main point that people consider nowadays.

The old man said, people do not know what they got until it is gone, people would not treasure their healthiness until they got sickness, we people should learn from this advice, people ignore their healthiness for earn money when they are young, but when they got old, they spend all of the money they got to buy healthiness they not aware at youth.

To sum up, in this modern world where lifestyle controls human’s culture, it is on us to chose what life we want to live, whether the result is good or bad, all the risks must be taken, all we people can do is, chose it wisely


Private cars are now become particular problems especially in big cities. Basically car was made to ease human’s travel mainly for long distance travel, and by now, car is the most advance vehicle in land transportation.

But along with the times, car has lost its essential value, having car has become measurement of social life class, although it still function as transportation. People tend to buy the finest car they capable to buy for their lifestyle, and sometimes that thing is redundant, many rich people have car more than they really need.

In big cities, car has become a never solved problem, there are two main reasons that private car is still important, the first is poor public transportation, and the second is for business. In many towns, public transportation does not serve people all day, they stop before midnight while people are busy twenty four hours a day, so these busy people still need transportation to travel them to their destination, that is why people need to buy a private car.

Second, is in business sector, high demand of private car means industry of this sector still has advantages, the industry absorbs many workers so that it will give job opportunities, it also contribute in giving income for the country as well as develop the country itself.

This issue becomes more complicated since the definition of necessity of transportation has change, need of private car backgrounded by pride or false comfort, so people use their ego and use the thing inefficiently, this is the reason why private car become controversial issue.

Actually, private car can be changed with motorcycle which is more efficient than using car, by using motorcycle people can save lot of fuel, does not need large space in street, and saving time for operating the vehicle, but if the necessities come from ego, it will make no change.

Overall, although cars can cause many problem, to stop using car is not a solution, in modern life it is impossible to live without car, it all depend on human minds, we can decide to use car wisely, if we can see the transportation essentially, the problem in the road would solved by itself.


It seems the street in Jakarta is not intended for hiker, uneven pavement, fully of street vendors, no trees, no roof covers make walk activity become unpleasant thing. In clutter situation in Jakarta city, bad traffic which makes time of trip longer than it should, maybe activities like walking or biking can be alternate ways to go to somewhere. Walking culture in Indonesia is classified low, it can be showed by high using of vehicle including two wheels vehicle and four wheels vehicle. But if we pulled the situation further back, we could find that the laziness Indonesian to walking is caused by unsupported facilities, it assumed if the pavement is comfort, people would willing to walk.

Pavement in Jakarta is already built, but in fact, they not functionally as sidewalk, pavement is fully used by street vendors and no space for hiker, sometimes hiker must take a walk in car lane to walk. Walking in car line is full of risks, hikers can be hit by car or motorcycle. Maybe this is the reason why people unwilling to walk especially in pavement.

Furthermore, other things that make people dislike walking on pavement are motorcycle that often using pavement as alternate lane to avoid stuck traffic because of highly number of cars which passed in street.  Sometimes they run their motorcycle in high-speed on pavement so that it may cause risk for people who walk on that pavement. As they afraid of hit by motorcycle, hiker is forced to walk at edge of pavement so that they still far away from motorcycle.

Actually, walking culture in Indonesia could be familiarized if facilities and infrastructures of sidewalk are adequate.  We can build clean and comfortable sidewalk lane, clear from street vendors, covered by trees or canopy so we can inhale fresh air without worried about pollution from car exhausted gas.

However, no one could fix this thing, pavement is part of town’s infrastructure, everyone has right to use it, unless government as policy maker who has right and authority to control comfort and neatness of town give their concern about this thing, the situation of street is never change, but if we all have same perception and purpose to make street as comfort as we thought, we can make it happen.

Now, I am here to invite you, together we can change this thing, all we need is awareness to make this town comfort to lived, do not dream to change the world, change yourself and the world follows. Starts it from tiny thing, starts it from yourselves.

Aku sering bertanya kenapa kisah tragis dan kesedihan sangat disukai orang-orang pada umumnya, buktinya suatu film akan dikatakan bagus apabila didalamnya terdapat cerita sedih yang bisa menguras air mata, suatu novel akan dikatakan bagus jika didalamnya terdapat suatu tragedi, alur naik turun dalam sebuah film selalu disertai dengan sebuah tragedi, kegagalan, kematian, perpisahan, pengkhianatan, cinta tak berbalas, namun jauh didalam lubuk hatinya manusia sangat menyukai kesedihan terlebih pada orang lain agar mereka merasa lebih beruntung dan bersyukur hidupnya tidak setragis itu. Hidup memang akan lebih menarik bila ada tragedi.

Orang akan diperbolehkan menangisi hidupnya jika hidupnya penuh tragedi, seorang anak yang berasal dari keluarga yang berantakan akan diperbolehkan berbuat yang sedikit liar dan memberontak, bagaimana mungkin ia dapat hidup normal jika didalam rumah ia hanya mendengar pertengkaran, umpatan, makian?. namun bagi yang hidup yang biasa saja, mereka tidak punya hak untuk menangisi hidupnya, buat apa menangis kalau semua yang kau inginkan dapat kau raih? setidaknya itulah kenyataan yang sering aku lihat disekitarku. Bodoh?? memang.. setidaknya itulah yang ada di pikiranku, kalau begitu dimana letak akal manusia? kalau begitu mengapa semua manusia bisa takluk oleh keadaan? (more…)

Jika ada suatu hal yang paling absurd di muka bumi ini, maka itu adalah cinta. Cinta akan mengalahkan logika paling hebat sekalipun. Cinta dapat didefinisikan secara berbeda dan amat abstrak oleh setiap individu yang merasakannya, ya… cinta adalah sebuah rasa dan tak akan bisa dijelaskan dengan kata apapun. Lalu kenapa cinta itu ada? kenapa cinta bisa hadir? Cinta adalah anugrah yang telah diturunkan oleh Sang Esa kepada manusianya, Cinta adalah tentang kecocokan jiwa, jika itu tak ada maka cintapun tidak akan tercipta. Cinta akan menggugah rasa dan asa yang ada di dunia, Cinta tidak menyadari kedalamannya sampai saat perpisahan. Cinta adalah suatu tabir antara sang pecinta dengan yang tercinta. Cinta dan kehampaan dalam diri akan selalu ada bagaikan pasang surut air laut. Cinta akan menghubungkan antara manusia dengan Penciptanya, manusia dengan sesamanya dan manusia dengan sekitarnya. Cinta akan menggerakkan hati untuk mencapai suatu titik tertinggi yang disebut ikhlas.


Membahas tentang cinta tak akan pernah habisnya, takkan bisa diselesaikan dengan ribuan lembar kertas, takkan terungkap dengan ribuan untaian kata, dan takkan habis dalam ribuan detik hidup manusia. Cinta telah hadir dengan sendirinya seiring dengan adanya manusia itu sendiri, tanpa paksaan cinta telah mengiringi jalan hidup anak adam sehingga ia mencapai waktunya, setiap langkah yang diayunkan manusia, setiap helaan nafas yang dihembuskan manusia, setiap detak jantung manusia, tidak bisa terlepas dari rasa cinta, cinta akan Sang pencipta kepada ciptaan-Nya, cinta makhluk tercipta dengan tercipta lainnya.

Satu hal yang dapat disimpulkan bahwasanya cinta adalah anugrah dari Sang Kuasa, anugrah yang tak bisa dilukiskan dan dibayar dengan apapun. Kehadiran cinta telah membuktikan eksistensi dari Sang Pencipta.

Semoga cinta akan membuat setiap manusia dapat tersenyum


Ketika saya naik sebuah bus tua di kawasan kota Bandung, di tengah terik panas matahari yang begitu menyengat dan penuh sesaknya penumpang yang berebut ingin duduk, naiklah seorang anak kecil lusuh dan tanpa alas kaki membawa kumpulan tutup botol yang dirangkai pada sebuah kayu dan dijadikan alat musik, mereka bernyanyi dengan suara cempreng namun penuh semangat tanpa memerdulikan apakah suara mereka didengar oleh para penumpang bis atau tidak, setelah itu mereka menengadahkan tangannya kepada para penumpang bis untuk meminta beberapa receh yang mungkin masih tersisa di kantong para penumpang.

Tak lama berselang ketika berhenti di lampu merah saya turun dari bus tua tersebut karena perjalanan saya memang hanya sampai disana, ketika turun saya memperhatikan seorang bapak tua yang tidak mampu lagi berjalan sedang menengadahkan tangannya pula mengharap receh yang mungkin masih saya punyai .

Lalu untuk melanjutkan perjalanan saya naik angkutan kota, ketika mobil transportsi publik itu berhenti di lampu merah kembali saya menemui hal yang sama, yaitu anak kecil lusuh yang berusaha mengibur para penumpang angkutan kota tersebut


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